Our Values

Adequatio allows customers to meet their expectations in line with the reality of offers and national and international regulations for payment systems

A reference expertise in payments

Member of EESTEL (European Experts in Electronic Transactions Security) adequatio is a key player in the payments field, both for the payment cards issuing and payment cards acceptance and also transactions acquisition and payments security. Project support , project management

Knowledge sharing between members of EESTEL ensure the relevance of orientations.


Meeting our commitments

For us, meeting our commitments is essential to build healthy and lasting relationships with our clients. We build with our clients realistic goals taking into account the overall context of the project and potential impacts on the ERP . Within a methodological framework , we establish with our customers a relationship of trust , creating value based on the availability, responsiveness and listening skills of our teams.

An independent vision

Adequatio is an independent firm of any supplier or solution integrator and fully dedicated to consulting and support. Adequatio aims to provide the most suitable solution to the customer's needs whilst keeping into consideration the potential business impacts and risks with regard to the regulation.